Let's reimagine what it means to be a library. Learn Create and Share with us.

Library as Studio and the guiding principles "Learn. Create. Share." are a metaphor for a holistic realignment and reimagining of people, technology, spaces, partnerships, materials, and services. Imagine a library where within each space or service there are opportunities for self-direction and expert assistance; socializing and solitude; and opportunities to interact with collections and technology; to learn, create and share.

As evidenced by the work of library colleagues across the globe, the 21st Century library aspires to be a place designed around unique learning journeys, built around experiences, activities and accomplishments of customers, not around linear feet of shelving.

21st Century libraries become places where:

  • Artists and thinkers work
  • Problems are solved
  • Ideas are explored
  • Talents are practiced
  • Risks are taken
  • Passions uncovered
  • Innovations happen

Looking ahead to the future of libraries, Richland Library has created a framework and is excited to share it with you.

Get Started Today!

Richland Library is excited to provide two documents to be applied to library design and space planning. Our Library As Studio Concept document outlines the concepts. The Library As Studio Toolkit illustrates how those concepts may be applied.